Aimore called Botocudo, an indigenous people of Brazil Rainforest. They were nomadic hunter-gathered in the forest, hand wooden disks or a metal or stone rod worn in their lips and ears. Some called them “sons of soil” Truegrasses cover and TRITAN body brings you the modern concept with Truegrasses eco material.

  • Capacity : 680 ml
  • Item Weight : 170 g


  • Truegrasses designed a series of water bottle, bringing an original color
    of earth and natural scent to your eco-cultural life or sport activities.
    Truegrasses material help to reduce agricultural waste and offer a new
    value to the eco material. Its design elements also combined with
    different eco material, such as recycled PET from ocean, implementing
    3R - Reduce, Recycled and Reuse.
    We use the Amazon Rainforest Indigenous people as the bottle name,
    while they are struggling in the Amazon Rainforest, protecting our ecology.
    Truegrasses raise up the funding program, we hope to support them
    continue to save our most diverse and resource-rich areas on the planet.


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