Pocketable Design︱1-second assembly, 2-piece stowing.

✓ Give new life to coffee grounds waste.

Extra inner 11mm, for all kinds of beverages(boba, fruit & smoothie)

2-piece design with easy stowing for eco life.

Streamline shape, fit with lips & tactile touch.

Easily assembled, durable design for reusable.

Easily clean & stowing. Shorter drying time to avoid bacteria grown.

Front end safety bevel design to poke seal.

Compact design nubox to fit stylistic eco life.


CoffeeSoul︱World’s first pocket straw with coffee soul
Million tonnes of coffee grounds are produced each year. nubo Blue Whale Straw reuses coffee grounds and gives a new life to the waste. Deep brown coffee soul remains in our heart; recycles the waste in our daily life. Support to reduce carbon and reduce plastic.


ECO+ART Design Concept Ocean Spirit

Inspired from Blue Whale image, collaborated with natural elements, concerning the ecology of oceans. Pocket Design : ONE-second assembly, TWO-section storing. Streamline shape, smooth and tactile touch. Easy cleaning & quick drying. Extra 11mm for all kinds of beverage. Easy-to-go with fitted nubox.

nubo Blue Whale Straw - CoffeeSoul

Color: TCE2010