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Our first product of Nature & Culture series, collaborating natural grasses & recycled plastic. The connotation of inexhaustible natural grass and civilized plastics inspired our philosophy Nature & Culture.

TRUEGRASSES products designed with ECO+ART concept, bringing the spiritual soul of nature into our eco life.

TRUEGRASSES 15cm Ball Pen Single Pack

  • Pen Weight: 0.32 oz
    Pen Dimension: 5.9 inches
    Material: Grasses / Straw +PP
    Line Size: 0.7mm
    Single Package Dimension: 7.1 x 1.2 x 0.8 inches

  • TGA2050 / Dark brown / Ink Blue
    TGA2051 / Brick red / Ink Blue
    TDA2040 / Beige / Ink Black
    TDA2041 / Foliage green / Ink Blue 
    TDA2042 / Sky blue / Ink Blue 
    TDA2043 / Gray / Ink Blue

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