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Manufacture from cradle to cradle


A closed-loop manufacturing process means that a product can be fully recycled without generating waste products or waste water – so that nothing is lost "from cradle to cradle" This factor makes a closed-loop manufacturing process particularly environmentally friendly and resource-efficient.

Our AgriCellBW insulation material, our AgriPlastBW plastic and ourAgriFerBW fertiliser are produced using this type of closed-loop manufacturing process.

All materials are sourced either from recycling (plastics, biomass) or are renewable raw materials from the region (meadow grass).

All the water comes from meadow grass and biomass and is constantly reconditioned so that no water must be pumped in from the public water supply.

Biogas and waste heat from the production process are used for heating water, for drying processes and for generating green electricity.

No waste products or waste water are generated – neither in the production of the products nor at the end of their useful life.

AgriCellBW and AgriFerBW are 100% biodegradable – there are several different models of AgriPlastBW, all of which are recyclable and some of which are also biodegradable.

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