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The Minister learned that what grass is good for

The visit of politician- Tarek Al-Wazir visit the company in Brensbach, Biowert-Recall for more attention.

The minister from the Green Party visited the innovative company in Brensbach twice within eight days. The chief of agriculture department in regional slaughterhouse, Priska Hinz,  accompanied the Economics Minister, Tarek Al-Wazir to visit the neighboring company, Biowert.

This company in Brensbach, Biowert, is characterized itself as “worldwide unique bio-refinery.” The government is interested in how the grass is processed into ecological electricity and ecological material. The concept and work of this company is introduced to the minister of Hessen, Tarek Al-Wazir, minister of Economics, Energy, Traffic and Region Development.

Al-Wazir made a two-week summer tour in Brensbach. This summer tour was conducted through the whole Hessen and named under the motto “Energy and Resource Efficiency.” He explained, “The world population keeps growing and everyone searches for the consumption and convenience.” However, this would lead to the cost of resources. “We express a generous attitude toward petroleum and plastics, and we waste too much of them.” He said and asked for a “Rethink.”

“Recycling Economy” is the magic word.

“This step is already taken by Biowert,” said by the leader of the company, Steffen Riehmer, because since the grounding of the company in 2005, the company has implemented the sustainable concept “Recycling Economy.” The starting material, the grass, which is a re-growing material from the region, can be processed into the new material. The required water for the digestion of the grass fiber would be purified in the end of the process and reused. The affiliated biogas plant would supply the requested energy in form of electricity or heat. This energy came from the procession of the accumulated byproducts with other waste material.

The ecological insulant “Agricell” could be produced through the process of silage, cleanse and dry of the meadow grass. This material could backfill the holes in the building of house. One part of this material would be mixed with the recycled or biological degradable plastics and further processed into granule. Many solid and usable products such as terrace profiles, storage box, urn, or designed coat hook could be manufactured by this granular material “Agriplast.

Lother Köhler, the employee in Biowert, led the minister and some other local officers to the production hall. Meanwhile, he didn’t forget to indicate that thanks to the production of the insulant material, the room temperature is tolerable on this so-called “hottest day of the year.”  However, the leaders are still not so satisfied with the sales of the products.

Especially, the material “Agriplast” is not familiar on the construction market. Therefore, the company has opened its own supermarket with display shelves in Brensbach since last year to demonstrate the possibility of further procession of their material. The reason is that the eco-products made from “Agirplast”- for example the floor board- have many advantages such as easy-care, heat-resistant, lighter than “normal plastic”, and price comparable.

Manufacturer finds it better than wood.

Compared with wood, the material has the advantages that it must not be painted or vanished and would not be split. “The customers are still stuck in some thinking pattern.” sighed Gerhard Steyer, who greeted the delegated representative of Biowert company chief executive and founder, Michael Gass. The Economics Minister Al-Wazir expressed his impression. “The good idea is here and it is proved that it works. More people should know these products.” With this assessment, the minister triggered the nerve of the perspective District Administrator Frank Matiaske, who should report the visit of this plant in Brensbach in his agenda in next three months. Besides, the minister also found the “great green potentials” in the recycle Oden forest.

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